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These are the ten differences between Distance and Displacement which makes you know the difference in them and also makes you understand the concept. Similarities between Distance and Displacement: Distance and Displacement both have the same dimensions. Both Distance and Displacement require the reference point that is to be measured from. Jul 31, 2018 · The main difference between online and offline learning is location. With offline learning, participants are required to travel to the training location, typically a lecture hall, college or classroom. With online learning, on the other hand, the training can be conducted from practically anywhere in the world. Record the distance along the meter stick and the time. Do this several times for different lengths along the meter stick. What is the relationship between the time and the distance the meter stick traveled? Graph your results. Time will be on the x-axis, distance traveled in meters will be on the y-axis. Its steepness depends on the difference in height between its points. 3. As you have learned (see Chapter 2), the slope of the ground affects the measurement of distances. the change in horizontal distance (x metres) per one metre of vertical distance; this can express, for example, the slope of the...