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Recover VM Images from dead ceph cluster. 2. How to delete a invalid osd in ceph cluster? 1. How to mount using ceph-fuse and specify IP in /etc/fstab? 0. CEPH-Accredited Public Health Graduate Programs Offered Fully Online. There is a critical need for professionals with graduate degrees in public health. UNE’s Public Health graduate programs are here to help you become a public health leader. There is no better time to earn a UNE public health degree 100% online, with no campus visits required. CEPH started to replicate pgs between other nodes to maintain our replication level (this introduced a bit of load on virtual machines during the sync) virtual machines that were running on the dead node were not alive anymore, but we just add to manually start them on another node (pacemaker is going to be setup on this cluster to manage this ...